Youth Welfare Department at the Academy

  • Youth Welfare extends its most heartfelt congratulations to the Academy’s students on the occasion of the start of the new academic year and wishes a happy academic year.
  • The Youth Welfare Department aims to take care of student activities in various practical, cultural, artistic, social and sports fields.
  • Spiritual and moral values ​​are developed among college students.
  • Spreading a healthy collective spirit among students and strengthening the links between them and the faculty members.
  • Discover, refine and encourage students’ talents, abilities and skills.
  • Publishing and encouraging the formation of student families and supporting their activities.
  • Publishing and organizing sports, social, artistic, cultural, roving and public service camps, raising their level and encouraging the distinguished in them.
  • Benefiting from the students’ energies in serving the community for the benefit of them and their beloved country

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