Vision & Mission


  • Achieving excellence and leadership in higher education on both national and international levels in the fields of trade sciences and information systems with providing consistent support to scientific research as well as community service.


  • Preparing highly-qualified and highly-skilled graduates who are capable of meeting the needs of the job market and of keeping pace with the new requirements of scientific and technological fields.

Vision & Mission:

With the growth of the phenomenon of globalization and changing the rules and conditions of competition between countries and business institutions since the beginning of the twenty-first century, and since knowledge and science have become the most important types of resources necessary for the success of the development system in countries that always seek to build a learning society that is based not only on information but also seeks to generate knowledge With the development of the education industry in developed countries, the institute’s education system has been developed to keep pace with this development and then contribute to providing the human skills necessary to build a learning community. Accordingly, the Institute aims to achieve the following objectives:-

  • Serious contribution to the graduation of a distinguished class of administrators specialized in planning, organizing and leadership in business organizations and government agencies, in addition to building new skills in the fields of vital activities in business organizations (marketing, production, supply and others).
  • Forming a class of accountants at the highest scientific level in accordance with the global development in this field, especially by using computer technologies in accounting, decision-making and support.
  • Graduating a distinguished class in the field of banking and financial services industry (such as banks and insurance companies), where there is a scarcity of graduates in this field, and this also contributes to fulfilling the society’s needs of administrators and accountants who are able to deal in both Arabic and English languages.
  • Paying attention to the delicate disciplines in the field of business administration, modern management information systems, marketing research, and the use of operations research in decision-making, and interest in creating tools and mechanisms to deal with and solve financing problems.
  • Training and building new skills in computer science, creating websites, and e-commerce.