Infractions & Disciplinary Measures

Infractions that lead to the disciplinary board include:

  • Breaking the institute rules and hindering the course of study.
  • Any form of misconduct.
  • Destroying equipment, books, or parts of the building.
  • Breaking the rules of exams.
  • Organizing sit-ins inside the building.
  • Using or trading drugs inside the institute.
  • Male students occupying female-only areas and vice versa.
  • Ignoring security men’s instructions.
  • All Forms of cheating.
  • Any student is caught red-handed; cheating or attempting to cheat is expelled from the examination venue and is deprived from attending the other exams. Hence, the student fails that subject and is summoned to disciplinary board.
  • In other cases, that particular exam is considered invalid.

Disciplinary Procedures:

Students registered at the institute comply with law no. 52 issued in 1970 and its regulation no.1088 that was issued by the Minister of Higher of Education in 1987.

  • In case of misbehavior, a student is exposed to punitive measures that range from a notification in the student’s file, failing a subject, and dismissal from the institute. Such punitive action goes in accordance with the regulations applied at the institute. Notably, students’ ignorance of the regulations is not an acceptable excuse to escape punishment.

Disciplinary procedures come as follows

  • Verbal or written warning.
  • A notification that is kept in a student’s file.
  • A student is not allowed to attend the lectures of one or more subjects for a whole month.
  • Dismissal from the institute for a period of time that does not exceed a month.
  • Exam cancelation of one or more subjects.
  • Dismissal from the institute for one or more academic years.
  • A student is not allowed to do the exams of all subjects for one or more academic years.
  • Terminal dismissal from the institute; a procedure that leads to keeping the student’s admission portfolio at the institute while banning him/her from applying to other institutes and notifying them with the resolution.

The decision of the penalty shall be announced in the student’s file.