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Preparing Distinguished Graduates Scientifically, Cognitively, Skillfully
& Professionally In The Fields Of Commercial Sciences & Information Systems

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Accounting and Auditing Department

Providing the job market with a highly qualified graduate perfectly capable of doing all forms of accountancy including financial accounting.

Business Administration Department

Providing the job market with graduates having the required qualifications and skills that enable them to practice all forms of managerial work.

Business Information Systems Department

This department aims at preparing graduates who are perfectly capable of designing and analyzing management information systems.

Institute History

  • The Egyptian Higher Institute of Management and Accounting was established in El-Masajed Square, Alexandria governorate in 1996 according to ministerial resolution no. 1540.
  • The institute started with the departments of management and accounting and a department for studying in English. In 1999, the department of information systems and computer sciences was established according to ministerial resolution no 663.
  • The institute’s name has been changed to The Egyptian Institute of Alexandria Academy for Management and Accounting in 2000 by ministerial resolution no. 396. Significantly, the number of students has surged from 60 students in 1996 to 4000 students in later years.

Institute Departments

Management Information Systems

This division aims to prepare a graduate who has the knowledge and ability to analyze and design management information systems through the acquisition of information technology knowledge and applications.

Business Management

The specialization aims to provide a graduate who possesses the knowledge, capabilities and technical and scientific skills that qualify him to practice administrative work in all its various fields and activities, and possesses knowledge.

Accounting and Auditing

The specialization aims to qualify a graduate who possesses the knowledge, abilities, professional skills and scientific foundations that qualify him to practice accounting work in all its fields (financial accounting, auditing and taxation).

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