By applying to the Office for the Coordination of Admission to Universities and Higher Institutes, according to the method of application announced by it, on the dates specified for that, and according to the various stages of coordination
(Nomination card from the coordination office - the original high school + 2 copies of it - the original birth certificate + 2 copies of it - 6 personal photos - 2 copies of the student’s national ID card + 2 copies of the guardian’s card - model 6 soldiers for males + model 2 soldiers for males)
Yes, all the certificates granted by the Egyptian Institute of the Alexandria Academy of Management and Accounting are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities and stamped with the seal of the Republic logo in addition to the authentication stamp. Then the certificate is authenticated by any external certification office.
The minimum admission threshold is determined each year after the coordination is completed in accordance with the announced rules and conditions, and it varies from year to year.
The institute accepts high school, Arabic, and Azhar certificates and their equivalents, as well as technical diplomas, 3 and 5 years system.
Yes, there is a transfer from the other nomination authority through the coordination website, provided that the student fulfills the minimum for the institute's total.
Yes, there is a possibility for students of previous years, provided that the delay period is only one year.
There is no reservation of places before coordination as the institute is subject to the rules of the coordination office.
The Ministry of Higher Education determines the tuition fees each year at the start of coordination and is announced.
Yes, the Institute postpones recruitment for male students up to the age of 28 or until they obtain a bachelor's degree.
The duration of study at the Academy is four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The two-semester system, each semester, is 16 weeks, and the student is transferred to the higher division once he passes a maximum of two subjects.
The institute includes a group of distinguished faculty members from the faculties of engineering and commerce to work on upgrading the educational system in accordance with standards of quality and excellence.
From the corresponding colleges / transfer of students from the corresponding institutes for the same specialization is accepted, provided that the student is successful and meets the minimum level of the institute in the year of obtaining the secondary certificate or the year’s grade is good or very good - from the non-equivalent colleges / transfers of students are accepted from the non-equivalent colleges and institutes as a condition The student’s total must meet the institute’s minimum for the year of obtaining a high school diploma and join the first year.
Students who are dismissed by other than disciplinary methods are accepted from colleges and institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as students who have exhausted failure times, provided that the student total meets the institute’s minimum.