Business Information Systems Department


This department aims at preparing graduates who are perfectly capable of designing and analyzing management information systems through learning the most advanced IT applications as well as the fundamental concepts of data bases, networks, and information centers management systems.
Importantly, graduates are fully aware of the most recent methods of securing such networks and systems in a way that helps them in the process of decision-taking.

Graduates’ Competencies

  • Following the scientific approach in thinking and solving problems of information centers management systems.
  • Using information technology in practicing all forms of managerial work.
  • Investing knowledge and skills in developing society.
  • Using state-of-the-art information technology and computer applications that enhance decision-making.
  • Being fully aware of the updates and the continuous changes and challenges in the field of managerial information systems.
  • Keeping pace with the most advanced techniques in the field of managerial information systems.
  • Bearing responsibility and accomplishing work according to rules of law as well as moral and professional criteria.
  • Having good communication and interpersonal skills.

Study Plan (New Curriculum)

Study Plan (Old Curriculum)

Academic Degrees

  • Resolution no. 361 of the Supreme Council of Universities, issued in 15-10-2018, approves the renewal of the equation of the bachelor degree of the Information Systems Department “Arabic Section” with the bachelor degree conferred by the Egyptian universities working under law no. 49 issued in 1972. The resolution is valid until 2024.