Activities & Services

Social Care:

  • The Institute meets students’ needs of social care through a social solidarity fund that offers a lot of grants to academically distinguished students as well as students with poor living conditions.

Students’ Union:


The Institute’s Students’ Union is formed every year through direct voting and election of regular students enrolled in the Institute. The union exercises its activities freely and from all its own budget, which the Institute supports every year. Students practice their activities from all the following committees:-


  • Families Committee.
  • Sports Activity Committee.
  • The Cultural Committee.
  • The Mobile and Public Service Committee.
  • Committee on Social Activities and Trips.
  • Technical Activities Committee.

Cultural Activities:

  • The institute possesses a huge library consisting of a wide-ranging collection of texts and references. Besides, the library subscribes to the digital library of the universities Supreme Council; a facility that enables students to benefit from all the publications available in the digital library.
  • The institute annually organizes numerous cultural and artistic contests in various fields such as reciting the Holy Quran, reciting classical and colloquial poetry, glass painting, plastic arts, and sculpture.

Sports Activities:

  • The institute organizes multi sport tournaments such as football, volleyball, and table tennis tournaments.
  • The institute’s different teams take part in the tournaments organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, particularly the Friendship Tournament.

Social Activities:

  • Under complete control and supervision from the institute’s management, a number of trips are organized so that students can visit the most important touristic places in Egypt.
  • As an example of community services, the institute holds an annual celebration of the Orphan Day in collaboration with one of the voluntary non-profit associations that care for orphans.

The Clinic:

  • The institute pays special attention to students’ healthcare through providing a clinic that is equipped with the medication necessary for first aid.
  • In addition, the institute subscribes to Abu-Keer Public Hospital in a way that permits students to have good medical treatment at the hospital.

The Library:

  • The institute possesses a large library consisting of a wide-range collection of Arabic and English references and periodicals accessible for both students and staff members. The library offers the borrowing service as each student is allowed to borrow two books during a semester.
  • Importantly, copies of past exams are available at the library.
  • The institute’s library has a subscription to the database of the Supreme Council of Universities as well as the digital library affiliated to the council.
  • As such, the user can browse world databases both inside and outside the library.